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EAD has designed leadership and character development programs using non-riding horse coaching for 

people who are hurting


people seeking purpose

As a result, these lessons leave people feeling




Our secret

We believe the most profound change happens in front of a horse; not riding one. 


My first experience with EAD was a team building activity with a large group at work. When reaching out to EAD, we focused on building trust and relationships while learning to work together as one team. What I discovered at EAD was so much more than that. The work that EAD does is life changing. Even a few hours with Deb and her team makes a difference. I can attest to this first hand. When I stepped into that arena, I discovered something inside myself as the horses came up to me. The horses were speaking to me. I felt uneasy, uncomfortable, and scared. But, I had to lead the group I was with and find a way to push through it. On my way home, I had to ask myself why was I scared? I have always loved horses, been horseback riding several times and even gone to horse camp when I was younger. Then I had a realization, I was in an unhealthy relationship. I knew my relationship was not good for me, but until that point, I did not know how abusive and toxic it was. That’s when I was able to start getting help and reached out to the center for women in transition.


Fast forward, it’s been 2 years and I am now back volunteering with Deb. The team building activity was a huge success at my previous employer, the team came back as a more cohesive unit and I came back stronger than ever over time.  As I was looking for ways to share my talents, strengths and stories, I kept being brought back to EAD, so I prayed on it for a couple of months and contacted Deb. I have been volunteering with the kids respite program, each week we see small but impactful changes in the children much like I saw in myself that day I spent a few hours at EAD. The children get the opportunity to be brave, build confidence, trust themselves, show discipline, have fun and do things they never thought they would be able to do. They are proud of the work they are doing each week and it is exciting to see how much they continue to grow in themselves.  

- Erica Herbig

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