Our most critical work encompasses at-risk clients referred to us by outside agencies throughout West Michigan. These clients have troubled histories: abuse, sex trafficking, addiction challenges, low self-worth, behavioral, and identity issues. We previously also provided a safe place for those experiencing grief, depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma victims, Alzheimers/Dementia and much more.

We have prioritized programming through the following groups:

  1. Students | public/private schools and universities

  2. Ministries | churches, 501c3’s and Christian groups

  3. Assisted Living | Dementia, Alzheimer’s patients and respite care

  4. Military | active duty, reserves, veterans and military families

  5. First Responders | police, fire, EMT and medical professionals

  6. Mental health | children, adolescents, adults and professionals

  7. Abuse Victims | trafficked and domestic abuse survivors

  8. Corporate | leadership and team building exercises

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