To be a place in the city for all to come who are looking for hope, healing, restoration or self-discovery through the unique use of experiential interaction with horses.


As believers in Jesus Christ, and the Gospel, John 10:10 pushes us to the why of hope and how of science. We believe in objective truth, Scripture and the Holy Spirit. We are the hands and feet of Jesus, wishing to be a light people run to, and we point people to Jesus.

Real happiness begins in a stable.


​Hope • HonestyRespectIntegrity
OptimismPerseveranceDignity • Endurance


The mission of EAD began 16 years ago with the vision of one woman, Deb VanderBand and her yearling horse, Cochise. They are both still watching ripples expand beyond a simple idea of connecting horses and people to what has become an opportunity for people like you to help horses help people through the giving of your time, expertise, and monetary support.

EAD is located at 3224 32nd Street, in Kentwood, Michigan. Our address is unique in that we are a farm of 26 acres in the middle of the city. Equine Assisted Development is a an unconventional program designed around encounters with horses. Every session is an on-ground (meaning no riding is involved), client led, and an interactive experience for personal growth and healing through a variety of non riding activities. Therefore, no prior experience with horses is necessary to participate in any of our programs.


Sessions are facilitated by an equine specialist, professional coach, and mental health professional who processes activities with participants for self-discovery. Through the use of metaphoric dialogue, observation, and open ended questions, clients discover perceptions and mental processes behind their beliefs and actions. Horses are used to help people tell their story and find their own solutions in a non-judgemental, emotionally safe place.


Sessions take place in the barn, arena, or pasture depending on the needs of the client and nature of the activity. There is a place for everyone at Equine Assisted Development. We provide our services to people from all different backgrounds. Our goal is to provide a place for healing, leaving each person with a sense of wholesomeness.

To gain more knowledge, data, and measurable outcomes from equine assisted psychotherapy and personal development go to EAGALA.org.

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